16-0-60 (1995)

Dezesseis Zero Sessenta

This highly-stylized Brazilian black comedy takes a sarcastic, thinly disguised, metaphorical look at how avarice and materialism has corrupted Brazil. It also looks at the extreme division between rich and poor and speculates upon what would happen if the roles were suddenly reversed. The story was shot in black and white and utilizes minimalist cardboard sets. It centers upon wealthy Vittorio, a highly successful 44-year-old businessman (the amount of days he has lived comprises the film’s title) who runs his company with an iron hand. Unlike his impoverished workers, Vittorio and his wife and son live on an enormous estate in a beautiful mansion. The trouble begins when Jackson attempts to burgle the place and is caught and jailed. The vengeful tycoon hires a killer to eliminate the would-be thief. Unfortunately, the killer gets the wrong man causing Vittorio to feel so guilty that he offers the late fellow’s poverty-stricken widow a place in his home. She comes (without knowing that it was he who caused her husband’s demise) with her three wild little boys and havoc follows as they nearly destroy the house with their rambunctious ways. Later, she sleeps with Vittorio’s son and this causes even more problems. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide


Med: Antonio Calloni, Maite Proenca, Pedro Brandi, Marcelia Cartaxo, Carlos Meceni, Pierre Bittencourt
Lengde: 86 min