Winners of the Don Quixote-Prize

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Det internasjonale filmklubbforbundet (FICC), har avtaler med utvalgte festivaler om at filmklubbfolk får være med å sitte i en konkurransejury som deler ut Don Quijote-prisen.

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Krakòw Film Festival 2024, Poland
Winner: Buzz of the Earth (2023, Greta Stocklassa).
Members of the jury: Paweł Herman – Poland, Holger Twele – Germany, Cristina Rius Sanclimens – Spain.

Statement from the jury:

For proving the importance of comedy in difficult times. For creating an universal and engaging portrait of modern world problems. For asking important questions like: what does it mean to be a human? What defines us as a species? And does it even matter? The FICC jury presents the main award to the film ‘Buzz of the Earth’ by Greta Stocklassa.

The FICC jury gives a special mention to the animation film On the 8th Day by Agathe Sénéchal, Alicia Massez, Elise Debruyne, Flavie Carin & Théo Duhautois. This colorful film deals very clearly with the pollution and destruction of nature, creatures and mankind as well. The animation technique is really fascinating and the teamwork of 5 young students will have a great future.

Nepal International Film Festival 2024.
Winner: Lazarus Path (2023, Ivan Jovic).
Members of the jury: Kishore Acharya – Nepal, Maheshwar Vepalli – India and Maria Skeie-Chemally – Norway.

Statement from the jury:

Cited as «The film’s profound effect was encapsulated by its melancholic exploration of imprisoned spirits and the immense burden of remembrance. «Lazarus Path» transcends cinematic boundaries with its experimental surrealism, evocative cinematography, immersive sound design, and gripping plot, providing a profound reflection on life’s complexities and the quest for self-discovery. Because of Ivan Jovic’s imaginative directing and compelling story, the picture is a deserving recipient of the Don Quixote Award, cementing its reputation as a global masterpiece of film.»

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Tromsø International Film Festival 2024.
Winner: Olfas Daughters (main picture. 2023, Kaouther Ben Hania).
Members of the jury: Maria Rikardsen – Norway, Katharina Franck – Germany and
Ariadna Ulldemolins Abad – Spain (Catalonia).

Statement from the jury:

«This year’s winner  is an overwhelming  emotional experience, told in a unique way. The director unveils layers of structural violence within families and in the society at large. The participants in the movie impressed us with their courage and openness in telling their stories. The visual language of the film  also makes for an exceptional cinematic experience. This film is  important in showing that it is possible to break the chain of violence and through this leaves hope for the future. Therefore it is with great pleasure that this jury,consisting of three women, announce that the winner of the Don Quixote award is Four Daughters by director Kaouther Ben Hania.»

Honourable mention: Riceboy Sleeps (2022. Anthony Shim).

Havana International Film Festival, 2023.
Winner: La Mujer Salvaje (2023, Alán Gonzáles).
Members of the jury: Lázaro Alderete – Cuba, Enrique García Medina – Puerto Rico og Yoni Llanes – Cuba

Statement from the jury:

For approaching the aesthetics of the film club movement, defending from her perspective the role of a Cuban woman in modern times and at the same time visualizing a universal theme, about the duty of a mother in defending her child, in the face of prejudices and perceptions that are established . many times in a society.
For discovering us in his film, a Havana, which breaks with the usual conventions in Cuban cinema, giving us an anti-heroine, with her virtues and mistakes, who explores almost in real time the role of a mother in her confrontation with society and family.

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